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SPRING 2014  
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Courses that we offer.
The seminary offers courses in the following eight areas designed to equip students for the work of the ministry:

Old and New Testament Studies are foundational Competency in biblical languages--Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek--is essential to exegesis (inductive study in the original languages), since it prepares the student to deal honestly with the textual, exegetical, and critical issues in Scripture and find true solutions.

Biblical Studies (Isagogics) bring the Word to life by unfolding the history, cultural practices, and customs of ancient peoples and by introducing the student to the laws of sound Bible study (hermeneutics).

Theological Studies take the details of analytical or exegetical study and synthesize them into a harmonious whole. This gives the student the fullest perspective on any given subject of Scripture.

Historical Theology gives students a general knowledge of the historical development of theology and the progress of the Christian church, so that students may understand their evangelical heritage and be able to evaluate contemporary issues and trends in the church. History inspires us to greater service and commitment by holding before us our spiritual forefathers' triumphs and helps us not to repeat their mistakes.

Apologetics provides training in defending Christian beliefs and equips students to give persuasive reasons for the hope and faith that is within then (1 Peter 3:15), especially when the authenticity of Scripture and Christianity are under attack.

The Contemporary Issues courses deal with the pressing issues thrust upon the church today by false teachings and secular and pagan philosophies. These courses provide students with an opportunity to grapple with biblical evidence and to discover God's viewpoint on the issues of our day.

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Category Name Price Available
  Fees Registration Fee - REQUIRED. Please ADD to your order. $30.00 Unlimited
  Fees Application for Admission Fee $20.00 Unlimited
  Study Skills Introduction to Language Skills and Research Methods (Pass/Fail) $150.00 Unlimited
  Fees Official Transcript fee $10.00 Unlimited
  New Testament Studies Intermediate Greek (3) - Credit $450.00 Unlimited
  Jewish Studies Israelology (2) - Audit $150.00 Unlimited
  Jewish Studies Israelology (2) - Credit $300.00 Unlimited
  Jewish Studies Jewish Life of Christ (2) - Audit $150.00 Unlimited
  Jewish Studies Jewish Life of Christ (2) - Credit $300.00 Unlimited
  New Testament Studies Hebrews (2) - Audit $150.00 Unlimited
  New Testament Studies Hebrews (2) - Credit $300.00 Unlimited
  Biblical Studies Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods (3) - Audit $225.00 Unlimited
  Biblical Studies Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods (3) - Credit $450.00 Unlimited
  New Testament Studies Beginning Greek (4-4) - Audit $300.00 Unlimited
  New Testament Studies Beginning Greek (4-4) - Credit $600.00 Unlimited